Some things we do need to be aware of.
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The UN agenda 21 , can sound very appealing as it is described as "local sustainable economies". but to manifest this they must reform the general system, so perhaps they might use people like Russell Brand to help them do this...

The fact that Russell Brand has said "check out the Venus project" , does not mean he supports the Venus project.... he may be just responding to the TVP and TZM campaign to get him to check them out.

He may in the future say RBE is a good idea , but it will never work, lets compromise... lets have local sustainable economies...lets support positive money or some other monetary reform , that will help the UN elite.

We have already heard that within the UN there are plans to use the term RBE [resource based economies] in the context of a monetary economy based on resources, in fact Max Keiser has already used the term in this way while talking to Russell Brand.

...... are you following this?.....

It is a world of intrigue and nothing maybe as it seems..........
so back to the UN Agenda 21 , of local sustainable economies.. which they would like to be "cashless , but not moneyless, they will be debt/credit managed and every aspect of daily life will be privatized, as an adult you will be paying the debts you ran up during childhood, education , healthcare etc. How and who the taxes will go to is unknown as yet and who is in charge and provides the privatised services are as yet unknown , but we do know that by being "localised" the whole system , including ourselves will be easier to manage.
lots to look out for , lots of attractive doors will open to us within the next 50 years.... and the common consensus will [probably ] be RBE is too radical, we cant achieve that yet , and we will be fooled by such campaigns of monetary reform and localization , and we will end up trapped in the fiefdoms of Agenda 21.