Food For Thought
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Food For Thought
This video proves how social and individual behaviour is profoundly affected and changed by environmental factors.

Social behaviour is not “innate” behaviour but “socially conditioned” behaviour and is based on social and environmental conditions, once the external conditions change [ie the society values change] so does the individuals behaviour.

How can we apply this to human society?

Easily, by creating a system of free access and writing a simple code of behaviour like a bill of rights, similar to this maybe?

[The rights and the responsibilities, within a resource based society]

The Rights

The right to safety and free passage. The right to all adequate substance and tools that we require to reach our potential, that are sustainably, available within the community. The right of access to decision making processes, and of equality of vote.
The right to access information
The right of assembly.

The Responsibility’s

To aid others who are in need of safety, shelter, food, comfort, healthcare, and knowledge to the best of our abilities.

To “try “to give the community at least as much as we take from the community
Not to harm, deceive or be of danger to other members of the community.

Do we need to get the whole world to sign up to this before it can happen?
Maybe not, maybe not even a majority, check out this Link.

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