Party Ethics

The goals of the Money Free Party (MFP) are unprecedented and far reaching.
This statement of The Money Free Party Code of Ethics has been formulated encapsulating the best principles of modern day professional ethical practices.

The overall values of The Money Free Party are as follows:

*Respecting the human rights and dignity of all people
*Enhancing the quality of human life of all people
*Alleviating human distress and suffering of all people including hunger and want, enhancing the quality of human relationships to broaden the sense of human community.
*Appreciating the variety of human experience and culture.
*Recognizing a shared earth, along with all its resources, as a birth right.
*Appreciating the need for harmonious relationships with nature for long term preservation and sustainability of mankind and the planet.

The above values represent the way of expressing our ethical principles laid out below:

The ethical principles of the Money Free Party are as follows:

- Fidelity: honouring the trust placed in us by the people we wish to empower. Being trustworthy is fundamental to understanding and resolving ethical issues. This includes being open and honest about the partyís intentions and its ability to deliver and staying loyal to beliefs.

- Autonomy: respect the peopleís rights to self Ėgovern.

The Party strongly opposes the manipulation of people against their will for the benefit of state institutions or corporate entities.

Putting others first: acting in the best interest of the people within the limits of our ability.

We cannot pretend to be able to deliver what you canít do.

The public have had enough of broken promises and lies from politicians.

While we live within this corrupted monetary framework our hands will be tied and we ask the public to recognize this and appreciate our honesty and efforts to change the system.

Protect and defend: a commitment to avoid harm to any individual. This includes any kind of exploitation, not only financial.

As members promoting high ethical standards, we all have a duty to ensure that any malpractice by fellow members is challenged and if necessary contribute to any possible investigation that may result.

Being non-judgmental, just and fair to all people.

Being committed to equality of opportunities that arise within the framework of a resource based economy mind-set.

Fight discrimination through recognition of the legitimate personal and social characteristics of everyone.

Self- respect: ensure that all members apply all the above principles to themselves so as to lead a life by example.

As the party progresses and evolves we all have a duty and responsibility towards our own personal development so as to maintain the highest possible ethical standards.

Unlike other parties The Money Free Party exists on the principle of having high moral qualities:

Empathy, the ability to communicate understanding of another personís experience from that personís perspective.
Sincerity: a commitment to matching what is said and to what is done. We need peopleís trust, so it is important to profess only to what we can achieve, especially in the short term.

A commitment to integrity; being moral in our actions with others, being straight forward, honest and clear.

We all make mistakes and we are not perfect but we should always strive for the best. We all deserve it and humanity needs it.
Resistance capacity; to work with the concerns and the great expectations of others without being fazed by the task ahead. With the support of each other and the people at large we can move mountains.

Respect; showing appropriate esteem to others and their understanding of themselves. This matters so much more to the majority of people than money, status, or power. Being respected is the way people truly honour each other and remember each other.
Competence; having the skills and know how to carry out what is needed. In a new world we will all be responsible for our own actions. We will all share in the fruits of the world and as such we will all play our part to the best of our ability in maintaining it. As such we will all be valued.
Fairness; being consistent with decision making. True equality will make cronyism a thing of the past. Wisdom; having sound judgment that is expressed to others. Our party is committed to using scientific methodology to find and apply solutions to the huge challenges that face us. Far wiser than relying on the rambling rhetoric of our failing institutions, that continue to grind the world into the ground.
Courage; the capacity to act despite known risks, fears and uncertainties. There have always been fear and uncertainty used against humanity. Be brave and together we will conquer fear and move forward and reclaim the world that, by birth right, belongs to us all.