Work for free, the heroic spirit of mankind.
Work for free, the heroic spirit of mankind.

A common criticism of the money free concept is that people will not work for free.

Interestingly, when interviewing the public approximately 90% of all people thought that money free was a good idea, but 80% of those people did not think it would work because they did not believe others would work for free. When asked “Would you work for free?” they replied, “Yes but other people won’t”.

Can you see here what a low opinion we have of ourselves?
The proof is always in the pudding, and even in our demanding money oriented society, millions of people in every country donate their time freely to do volunteer work, often dirty and sometimes dangerous.

Not only do we donate our time freely, we donate our blood freely and in times of necessity sacrifice our very lives, for free.
The power of people is phenomenal, and when we work together we are exceptional. In fact, the greatest resource on the planet is our creativity, our diversity and our labour.
At the moment, when we are all forced to look after No.1 on an unlevel playing field is it surprising we have so little trust in each other?
Yet we are one of the most adaptable species on the planet and we can be great people who inspire greatness.
The future is in our hands, the decision is to shine or not to shine.
From where we are now, in this overly materialistic, often brutal society, the concept of a truly free society may seem a million miles away, but the longest journey starts with the first step.
Take that step with us, and decide to shine.