Money Free Party UK Party Constitution

May 2013

1.1 The official name of the Party shall be the UK Money Free Party legally known as the United Kingdom Money Free Party here in after referred to as ‘The Party’


2.1 To dismantle our reliance on the monetary /market system and make way for an economic system based on the fair distribution of the worlds’ resources to meet all humanities needs while protecting the planet. A system generally referred to as a Resource Based Economy
2.2 In conjunction with 2.1 The Party is committed to freedom and equality for every human citizen. The Party recognizes and defends/ protects the sovereign right of every human being to be free from oppression, persecution and exploitation in all its forms as well as dignity, self-autonomy and open access to the resources of the planet that ensures highest possible quality of life to all its citizens. In effect power and responsibility back to the individual.
2.3 While respecting human diversity with regards to cultural developments ultimately The Party vision is of a human community based on shared values of health and wellbeing for all human kind. A non-violent society based on Trust and human kinship.


3.1 Fielding candidates in elections to inform the public of the true nature of the monetary system and the reasons why we promote a Resources Based Economy.
3.2 Promote groups, non-political organisations and individuals committed through their actions and/or educational awareness programs to spreading understanding for the need of a transition to an equitable and sustainable society
3.3 To promote and encourage growth in local self-sustainability initiatives and co-operative/community living..
3.4 To help facilitate global support for a money free resource based society..


The Party does not work on the conventional political hierarchy principle. It is a leaderless social activist group where all individuals are encouraged to be influential through open expression.
4.1 The Party is bound by its ethical principles and values that articulate the aims and aspirations of the party and connect it directly with public and environmental concerns.
4.2 The Party believes in non-violence in contrast to today's’ society that accepts and justifies physical and economic wars as viable ‘solutions.’
4.3 The Party is open to anyone. However, any person representing The Party in any capacity must, as well as support its aims and activities, read, comprehend and abide by its ethical values and principles and non-violent approach. This includes the sending of posts that incite hatred, violence or offence to human groupings. Failure to do so may lead to a misconduct charge and pending democratic agreement, the disassociation of the individual from The Party.
4.4 Any citizen, over the age of 15+, of United Kingdom, European Union and Citizen of any of the Commonwealth Countries, that has a right to reside legally in United Kingdom can become a member of party free of charge.
4.5 The Party resides via the Money Free Party UK Website.
4.6 This Constitution can be changed with a majority of the members at any time.