People are social beings and express and realize their potential within a free and open community which they can trust and relate too.

The logistics of a money free, resource based economy, dictate that many goods and services will be best provided and controlled at community level. So this will create a more functional and cohesive community.

The vision of the MFP is a sustainable, global production and distribution network that allows all people on the globe free access to health care, food, shelter, housing, education, communication and transportation. It is estimated that this network will require an average of 16 hours per week, per person to contribute their time, their skills in order to allow the system to operate efficiently.
All work will be voluntary and all citizens will have access to the best healthcare and education system we can provide, free transport, free sustainable housing, all nutrition and healthy food stuffs needed for a healthy life, plenty of good local veg, free communication handsets etc.
Outside of work, we will have complete freedom to play, pray, travel, study, work, produce, share and barter, or how ever we wish to express our lives.
The system will be openly and to the best standard democratically controlled by all interested citizens, and will form a recognised global standard of excellence in education and research. It will also create open access, mediation facilities for issues outside of the system.