Transition Concept

Pre amble.

The basic tenant of this transition is to transform our existing  consumer orientated, debit/credit management system ,to a free, sustainable network of self-reliant communities, existing within a flexible and cooperative, global system of self-management. 

The core tenants are community and sustainability, individual freedom and social equality, with free access to goods and services, and free access to decision making processes and manufacturing facilities.

The method is simple and clear. We, as a nation through our government and our monetary power, use taxation and the method known as “ quantitive easing”, to transform our communities into open sourced, self-sustaining, networks of free people, in a social landscape of respect and co-operation, where all people have free access to the means to thrive.

The responsibility of the community. To allow free access for all people within the community, and of those in need, of the following.  Heath and social care.  Food. Housing. Transport. Communication. Education. Means of production. Safe passage.

The Responsibilities of the individual. To aid others who are in need of safety, shelter, food, comfort, healthcare, and knowledge to the best of our abilities. To respect other beings. To at least try and give the community as much as you take from the community.


Transition will use a task force. The task force for local and regional management solutions will be given funding and assistance to create and apply local and regional management systems. All those working within the management system, including co-ordinators, programmers, skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled will be paid by the government a good living wage, and the outcome of their productivity: power, food, etc will be free to all within the community.

Task force to ensure…. Food. To be accessed through community centre, fresh and processed, and additionally, where possible, cooked and served via community restaurant.

Health Care:. Community based, prevention and home care for needy. 

Housing. Accessed through community. Sustainable products. , Open source designs. DIY and community construction solutions. Review and rewrite planning legislation, and use a people friendly and sustainability criteria for new planning and upgrading of existing stock.

Education. [think global act local] Ongoing, community embedded, reaching levels of scientific excellence through sharing of open sourced data.

Transportation. [Think global act local] To project and create transport solutions for post year 4 transition period. Energy. Sustainable. Community orientated.

Industry. [Think local act local]To be dictated by the community and inter community relationships. Space and means to be provided by community and regional solutions

Technological Advancement. [Think global act local] Integrated, to regional standards of excellence. Working in conjunction with shared projects of scientific discovery and advancement.

Waste Management. Community based. Working with municipal and regional solutions.]



Transition Task force of community leaders, logistic experts and resource management:  To ascertain and verify communities, to establish space and spaces, within or around the community that will allow for the production of its own food, own housing, power, transport, health and education services. To assist in ensuring supply of raw material and/or goods, that cannot be obtained locally.

Grant legislative powers and funding, and implementation of the recommendations and needs of transition task force.

Start legal proceedings to criminalize the use of any monetary unit and any other objective trade standard.

Year 2 -3 implementation of the above.

YEAR 4 – 5. Summary of progress: By now all individuals will have free access to the things they need to thrive: sustainable housing, food healthcare, education, communication and transportation and data, provided by their servers, the communities. All employees working for the servers will be enjoying a good living wage, alongside those working in the private sector, but all services provided by the community servers will be free at the point of access. The difference between private and community sector will now be more apparent and the goods and service provided by the private sector will be superfluous to actual human need.  Assist and facilitate in integration of private sector and community workers  where needed, drawing attention to environmental data, social concerns and psychological factors.

Year 5.

 Criminalization of any and all monetary units. Cease parliament.


Legislations and Recommendations.



1. Withdrawal of all armed forces from foreign land, and be applied to help in any needy system at home, construction rehabilitation etc.

2. Existing Foreign aid commitments to be negotiated and negated.

All foreign assistance will be given in the form of practical aid to construct self-reliant communities that respect the freedom of the individual.